Gas Pipeline Leak Update: Environmental Cleanup Ongoing with No Immediate Threat



Officials in Girard Township, Michigan are still investigating the break in a 10-inch petroleum pipeline that resulted in the release of approximately 8,400 gallons of gasoline into a farm field. The leak was detected on Tuesday night and BP response teams arrived at the scene to manually close valves and stop the flow of gasoline. Additional gasoline left in the pipeline was also removed. The site was visited by BP, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, the Michigan State Police, and the Branch County Sheriff. Residents near the site were evacuated but were able to return home the following afternoon. The cause of the break is currently unknown and officials have not provided details on the type and cause of the break. Aerial drones have been used to search the area for any other impacted areas, but no odor or sheen has been detected. Air monitoring and soil sampling will continue and testing of water and soil in the immediate area has shown no pollution from the spill. Plans for disposal of contaminated materials are still in progress and it is unclear how long the cleanup will take or when the pipeline will be repaired.

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