Giacomo Pedranzini Named Winner of the 2023 Atlas Award



This year’s Atlas Award was presented to Giacomo Pedranzini by ITL Group, recognizing his ethical, sustainable, and creative business practices. The gala, held in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, included thought-provoking discussions and speeches from various experts. The jury, consisting of professionals from diverse fields, shortlisted five exceptional entrepreneurs, with Pedranzini ultimately being named the winner. Although not present, Pedranzini was represented by his wife and gave a speech via Zoom, expressing his gratitude and outlining the ethical and sustainability goals of his company, HonestFood. A special mention was also given to Albert Wettstein, the co-founder of food rescue platform Munch. Overall, the event brought attention to important values and the need for a more promising world, with the organizers urging everyone to embrace and fight for these values.

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