Serious Challenges in European Politics: Orbán’s Perspective



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke at the Organisation of Turkic States summit in Astana, highlighting the challenges facing European politics in the current global climate. He described the world’s security situation as the worst since the end of the Cold War, citing ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, increasing terrorism threats in the EU, and the failure to effectively manage migration. Orbán suggested that Europe’s response to these challenges would impact its relations with the Turkic world. He also noted that Europe has a dilemma in terms of its approach to economic blocs and global networks and connectivity. Orbán criticized the European strategy towards the Ukraine-Russia conflict, stating that the original plan had failed and that a plan B should be considered. He called for a ceasefire, peace talks, and the development of a new European security architecture that involves Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey. Orbán praised the Organisation of Turkic States for its efforts in promoting competitiveness and expressed Hungary’s readiness to contribute €100 million to the Turkic Investment Fund. He also acknowledged and thanked leaders from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan during his speech at the summit.

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