Szijjarto warns of risks in attempting to separate eastern and western economies



Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned that attempts to sever ties between the interdependent eastern and western economies are putting millions of jobs at risk. Speaking at an international forum in Beijing, Szijjarto emphasized the importance of cooperation rather than animosity in handling challenges. He called for the revival of “mutual respect” and against creating blocks in world politics and the economy. Hungary and central Europe have always lost out on blocking economies. Szijjarto highlighted the joint interest in connectivity between the eastern and western economies, stating that those who deny this are acting based on ideology rather than facts. He emphasized that attempts to sever the economies are extremely dangerous and could lead to a global disaster. Hungary aims to become a meeting point of the two economies and is set to house manufacturing plants of major carmakers and battery manufacturers, making it essential to Europe’s changing car market and ensuring economic growth. Szijjarto believes that fostering connectivity and mutual respect will lead to a more peaceful and prosperous era, and he sees China’s role as being of critical importance.

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