Hungary Urges Deployment of Military and Border Gendarmerie to Border



Laszlo Toroczkai, leader of the opposition Mi Hazank party, has called for the military to be deployed to the Hungary-Serbia border to combat people-smuggling gangs. He also proposed the introduction of a special border gendarmerie. Toroczkai made these statements at a demonstration in Asotthalom, during which his party’s supporters blocked a road to the local border-crossing station. He emphasized the need for the army to take action against armed gangs and requested a “real border seal.” Toroczkai also urged for stricter rules and for those who damage the border fence and cross into Hungary to be treated as criminals rather than being allowed to try again within a few hours. His proposal is in response to the increase in migrant activity along the Hungary-Serbia border, particularly in the Asotthalom-Morahalom-Roszke area, which he identified as the main migration route.

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