Luxurious Accommodation: A Five-Star Hotel Nested within a UNESCO-Designated Palace



The Matild Palace in Budapest, Hungary has reopened its doors as a luxury five-star hotel after a five-year transformation. The palace, built in 1902, was a symbol of the Austro-Hungarian empire’s strength and success. It was a popular destination for Europe’s wealthy and famous during its golden era, but declined under communist rule. Following a $80 million renovation project, the palace has been restored to its original grandeur, with its façade, interiors, and historical café recreated in their original Belle Époque elegance. The Matild Palace now features 130 luxury guest rooms, including the Maria Klotild Royal Suite, named after Archduchess Marie Klotild who commissioned the palace. The hotel also aims to celebrate the palace’s café culture and its importance as a socializing hub for artists throughout history. The café displays artifacts, archive photos, and artworks related to its past and a statue of Hungarian writer Gyula Krúdy, a regular at the café, has been installed outside.

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