Ryanair Slapped with a Substantial Fine of HUF 200 Million



The Curia, or Supreme Court of Hungary, has upheld a decision by the Government Office of Budapest that Ryanair must pay a fine of HUF 200 million (EUR 516,377) for consumer protection violations. The office found that Ryanair failed to fulfill its obligations and engaged in unfair commercial practices related to a delayed flight in February 2020. This is not the first time Ryanair has faced such accusations, as the airline was fined HUF 300 million (EUR 774,422) in April 2020 for defrauding consumers. The government office’s role is to protect passengers who have been mistreated by airlines. In this case, the office argued that Ryanair’s decision to pass on an extra profit levy imposed by the government to its passengers was unfair. The Budapest-Capital Regional Court previously annulled the HUF 300 million fine, but the government office requested a review of the case and the Curia upheld the fine.

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