Szijjarto Urges Against Escalation of Israel Conflict into Interstate War



Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, has called for the international community to prevent the conflict in the Middle East from escalating into an interstate war. Szijjarto stated that Hungary considers Israel to have a right to defend itself, as it is a victim of a terrorist attack. However, the minister also emphasized the need to avoid escalation and prevent the conflict from affecting the stability of other countries in the region, such as Egypt. Szijjarto expressed concern over the emergence of modern-day anti-Semitism in western European countries and criticized the permitting of demonstrations in support of terrorist organizations in those cities. He linked this phenomenon to the absence of joint European action against migration and warned that as long as illegal migration is encouraged, parallel societies and anti-Semitism will continue to rise in western Europe. The minister also revealed that the Hungarian government is in contact with 15 Hungarian nationals stranded in Gaza and is working to ensure their safe return.

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